Sawatdee! from Bangkok,Thailand

Dave Walker

Co-author of "Hello My Big Big Honey!"

Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and Their Revealing Interviews.

welcome to my website

I am a Bangkok based screenwriter and have worked in the motion picture industry in various capacities for over 20 years.
My background includes an active duty stint in the British Army before covering Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Burma, as a freelance journalist and photographer.
As well as writing screenplays, I also work occasionally as a documentary film and TV researcher, script fixer, technical advisor, and creative and story consultant to movie companies shooting in Asia and elsewhere. On the feature film "The Beach" filmed near Phuket, Thailand, I was Leonardo DiCaprio's production consultant.

"Hello My Big Big Honey" Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and their Revealing Interviews
by Dave Walker and Richard S Ehrlich
ISBN 0867194731
non-fiction, is published by Last Gasp of San Francisco, California, USA

"Hello My Big Big Honey!"
Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls And Their Revealing Interviews

can also be ordered from:

"Hello My Big Big Honey!"

may be perused at

The British Library
Oriental and India Office Collections
London, England

Check out Richard S. Ehrlich's latest news from Asia (and shameless "Hello My Big Big Honey!" reviews & hype)

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